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    Choosing a Candle Wick

    Posted by Duncan MacLean on March 25, 2018


    Choosing the correct wick for your candle can be very challenging for novice and even experienced candle makers.  Wick manufacturing is big business and with hundreds of different wicks to choose from, deciding on a wick (or even a wick series) and trying to compare wicks of different types can be daunting.

    Top Tip: Try to stick to a single wax and once you find a wick that works (or one that does not) for a particular fragrance and container - write it down somewhere!  We recommend that you source as many different wick types and sizes as you can find and learn how each performs in your chosen wax. This takes time and effort (and a little money), but should be the first step you take in learning candle making.  The process below will help you manage this.

    Skipping this learning stage and trying to over-simplify the craft, will result in a great deal of frustration later. You are not going to make perfect candles without spending some time practicing and making mistakes, especially when it comes to wicking. Learn how the different wicks work with different oils and then (and only then) start making candles for selling or gifts.

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    Wick Manufacturing

    Posted by Duncan MacLean on March 25, 2018

    Many consumers and even candle makers do not fully comprehend the complexity of the wicks they use in their candles each day.  To novices, the candle wick is often thought of as a commodity or an afterthought, whereas to the professional candle manufacturer, the wick is the single most important component within the candle system and choosing a candle wick is often the key stage in product development.

    The aim of this article is to shed some light on the end-to-end processes used in manufacturing candle wicks.  Hopefully, having read this article, you will have a new found respect for the humble candle wick and will never look at one quite the same again.

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    Our aim is to bring 'Beautiful Candles' to the world and to enhance the lives of people everywhere.  The beauty of a candle flame is unmatched and when combined with a favourite fragrance, a well made candle can offer an escape from the humdrum of daily life; even if only for a while.  

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